Year 1995
Jinjiang Xingquan was established for OEM manufacturing.

Year 1999
Xingquan Footwear established to manufacture shoe soles.

Year 2000
Xingquan Plastics established and begins manufacturing for FILA, Spalding and Prince.

Year 2002
Xingquan Plastics starts manufacturing shoe soles for well-known PRC sports brands Xtep, Peak, 361o and Qiaodan.

Year 2003
Addnice Sports was established.

Year 2004
Addnice starts manufacturing footwear products under the "Addnice" brand.

Year 2005
Expands into sports apparel and accessories.

Year 2006
Signs WNBA player Miao Lijie.

Year 2007
Signs NBA players Jason Kapono and JR Smith.

Year 2009
IPO on Bursa Malaysia.

Year 2010
Launch of "GERTOP" Brand.

Year 2012
Launch self operated point of sales ("POS") in departmental stores.
Awarded Forbes Asia-Top 200 Companies - Best Under USD1 Billion.